Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet Takes Center Stage in Tiny Kitchen

Heather Asiyanbi - 2/5/19 7:05 PM

It's not easy to fit an entire kitchen inside 49 square feet, but designer Velinda Helen managed to do it with loads of style. Helen is an associate designer with Emily Henderson Design  in the Los Angeles, CA, area, and she recently turned the basement of her 1920s bungalow into a full suite for her mother-in-law when she visits. The makeover is part of the EHD team's on-going "Makeover Takeover" series, where individuals focus on one room in their homes and give it the love and attention it deserves. In Helen's case, she said she's been using her basement for a number of uses since buying her home in 2012, but, after getting married, it was time to create a space for when her new mother-in-law comes to visit.

"I’m all grown up (?) and it was time to clean this space and make it a welcoming place for my new mother-in-law, Nancy, to stay when she visits from Nebraska," Helen wrote in her blog post detailing the design choices she made for both practical and aesthetic purposes.

Plenty of room for kitchen essentials.In addition to the Rohl wall mount faucet, Helen also needed an undermount sink that would fit in a 24-inch wide cabinet. We worked with her to find the best option and landed on a 21-inch, granite composite sink that she turned sideways. Doing so offset the drain, effectively moving the garbage disposal to the back corner of the cabinet and creating more storage space for kitchen essentials.

"I didn’t want the standard, mini-kitchen sink. I wanted something that’d fit a stock pot or dutch oven but still maximize counter space. So I turned a standard-sized sink sideways…meaning the drain isn’t centered," she noted. "It maximized the storage space below by positioning the garbage disposal (which was one of my must-haves) off to one side instead of centering it, freeing up half the cabinet!"

Open shelving, a convection oven and a truly timelessly designed fridge with beautiful tile and a porcelain slab countertop all combine in a charming and functional kitchen perfect for when Helen's mother-in-law comes to visit.

Here's what the finished kitchen looks like, including a range hood beautifully disguised by facing it with the same tile used on the backsplash and clever storage solutions:

Velinda Helen's beautiful, 49-square foot kitchen.

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