Warranties are Worth the Effort

Heather Asiyanbi - 11/12/18 9:57 PM

Warranties are important promises manufacturers make to you when you buy their products. Typically, a product warranty covers for a specific length of time any defects in manufacturing and materials, meaning you will most often have the option of exchanging your damaged item for a new one that is either the same model or of equal value. Manufacturer warranties give you the peace of mind you deserve in exchange for your investment.

There are usually two different kinds of product warranties available; limited time and limited lifetime. Here is how they differ:

Limited Time Warranty

A limited time warranty is exactly that; should something go wrong with your kitchen faucet, for example, within the first year you own it, the manufacturer will either repair or replace it. In order for the warranty to go into effect, the damage has to have occurred during normal use. The company will not typically cover any removal or installation costs, but there is a level of comfort when you know a brand stands behind its products.

Kohler, for example, offers a limited time warranty that explicitly states that Kohler will inspect the product(s) in question to be sure the problem occurred during normal use. 

Newport Brass, on the other hand, has a variety of warranty periods depending on the product and the parts involved:

  • All Product parts except valves are warranted for ten (10) years from date of purchase by the Original Purchaser. 
  • Ceramic disc valves for the lavatory faucet, tub/ shower and roman tub are warranted for as long as the Original Purchaser owns the home. 
  • Soap/lotion pump mechanisms are warranted for one (1) year from date of purchase by the Original Purchaser.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Faucets and fixtures with limited lifetime warranties will be repaired or replaced if there is a defect in manufacturing or materials as long as the original purchaser owns the home in which the faucets and fixtures are located. Like the limited time warranty, any damage has to be the fault of the construction process and nothing you may have done. If you have recently remodeled your bathroom and you plan to stay in your home for the next several years, a limited lifetime warranty can come in especially handy. 

Delta, Kraus, and Moen all offer limited lifetime warranties on their products almost without exception:

  • All parts (other than electronic parts and batteries) and finishes of this Delta® faucet are warranted to the original consumer purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns the home in which the faucet was first installed.
  • Kraus extends this warranty to the original purchaser for personal household use of the “Faucet” in its original location ... 
  • Moen warrants to the original consumer purchaser for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns their home ...

Almost all brands require you to retain and present your original sales receipt before they will fulfill their end of the limited lifetime warranty they offer.

If your faucet stops working as designed through no fault of your own, manufacturers will repair or replace the piece in question. Warranties are your guarantee that companies stand behind the products you trust them to produce so you can put them in your house. 

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