What Is A Shower Enclosure And Why Do I Need One?

Heather Asiyanbi - 7/9/18 7:00 PM

As homes become more modern and sleek, bathrooms are changing to accommodate new styles, technologies and fixtures. Your shower is a perfect example.

Showers are no longer bound to tubs. Instead, you shower can be the focal point for relaxation and comfort. With a shower enclosure, contemporary showers have everything you need within one beautifully crafted area. Continue reading to discover the ways shower enclosures have evolved.beautifully crafted area. Continue reading to discover the ways shower enclosures have evolved.


Modern Shower Enclosures

A shower enclosure is an area that contains only a shower. These enclosures have traditionally been small and simple, but today’s modern shower is much more about integrating comfort and design with superior functionality.

Modern shower enclosures can be configured to be large enough for multiple people and can accommodate multiple shower heads and body sprays. You can be creative and design your shower enclosure around a window so natural light can stream in during your morning routine, and you can add a bench to unwind and soak in the steam.

The Shower Enclosure Entrance

Shower curtains are becoming a thing of the past. Today’s shower is surrounded by a glass door, or if the space is large enough, no door at all.

For bigger shower enclosures, the floor is slanted toward the drain, so the water is directed away from the higher traffic areas of the bathroom. More, large enclosures typically have enough space between the shower area and the next fixture - like the vanity - that water is contained and the potential for water splashing everywhere is virtually eliminated. You don’t need a door, giving your bathroom a more open atmosphere.

If your design requires a door, and glass is the direction you choose, doors can be framed or frameless. Frameless doors are popular but require thicker glass and are more expensive.

The size of your shower enclosure will depend on the size of your bathroom, and the motif in your bathroom will influence the enclosure design.

People with busy lifestyles don’t need to sacrifice comfort for functionality. A quick shower before heading to work or after the gym can feel like a spa with the perfect shower surroundings.

Whatever your decision, if you’re creating a modern bathroom, a shower enclosure is a must.


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