Your Toilet: 4 Important Points to Consider

Heather Asiyanbi - 7/4/18 8:54 PM

Your toilet is the most important seat in the house because of how it whisks away some of life's more important tasks. Over the last several years, toilets have undergone some radical changes, including:

  • Creating design elements and inserting toilets into bathroom collections for a stylish and cohesive look
  • Integrating emerging technologies to make doing your business a truly hands-off experience
  • Raising the bowl height a couple of inches to make it easier to both sit down and stand back up again
  • New flushing mechanisms that get the job done with less water

Stylish Profiles

Long gone are the days when your toilet was the necessary fixture you installed in the corner without thinking about how or even if it fit in with your overall bathroom design. Now, however, manufacturers like Kohler, Ariel Bath, Rohl and KALLISTA are offering toilets with a variety of details that bring your commode fully into the style you're trying to achieve in your bathroom, many of which are part of whole bathroom collections, making it easier than ever for you to create a cohesive space.  

Kohler Laureate Toilet

Architectural elements like pillar shaping at both the bottom of the bowl piece and the tank, squared skirts, flared edges - even a one-piece with an accent band of polished gold in a filigree design - have replaced the bland and boring one-mold-fits-all mentality of the past. You'll also have the choice between a fully skirted model where the sides are perfectly smooth, and you don't see the shape of the trap; semi-skirted; and the traditional toilet where the trap is visible.

More, toilet bowl shapes themselves have transitioned from a choice between round or elongated to include distinct modern profiles like the square Platinum model from Arial and the Numi from Kohler

Tushie Technology

Smart home technology continues to improve and now includes some pretty impressive features on toilets, the Numi from Kohler in particular. In addition to offering a lid that senses your approach and opens automatically, a full bidet experience, seat and foot warmers, the ability to play music while you're using the facilities, and soft lighting that is also triggered by your presence, the Numi can also be voice operated when you use Kohler Konnect through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit.

Browse Toilets

The Numi is a pricey fixture, though, so if you aren't quite ready to spring for the most advanced toilet available, you might want to consider installing a bidet seat with your regular toilet. You'll still get the same clean but the price tag is significantly lower.

Taller Toilets

Kohler Comfort Height ToiletTraditional toilets are 14 to 15 inches from the floor to the top of the bowl - not including the seat - which can make sitting down and standing back up again more difficult as you get older. If you want a greater chance to age in place and/or if you have multiple generations living in your home, you may want to install a comfort height toilet. At 16 to 17 inches tall, comfort height toilets are equivalent to sitting on a chair and offer easier use without increasing the challenge for parents during potty training.

 Flushing Options

Traditional toilet flushing is based on a  gravity-fed, siphonic system. When you push the lever, it raises the flapper inside the tank, releasing water into the bowl and creating a siphon so waste is pulled out of the bowl and into the trap. 

Another option is a canister flush. Marketed under the AquaPiston name from Kohler, a canister flush valve replaces the flapper and includes a larger valve opening. The canister lifts straight up so water flows into the bowl from multiple directions to push waste into the trap. Because the valve opening is 3-1/4 inches instead of the standard three inches - yes, a quarter-inch really does make a difference - you'll experience a more powerful flush.

Water conservation is also a primary focus for toilet manufacturers, and new flushing technology addresses water savings.

Toilets today are being designed to handle life's toughest tasks without using as much water as their predecessors; a maximum of 1.6 gallons compared to 3.4 gallons. Additionally, you can choose a single-flush or a dual-flush system for either liquid or solid waste, further reducing the amount of water you use per flush.

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