Top 5 Reasons You Need a Prep Sink in your Kitchen

Heather Asiyanbi - 6/8/18 1:37 PM

A truly modern kitchen needs to have both style and functionality in equal measure. We're always looking for new ways to take advantage of unused or underused countertop space to improve the overall look and feel of our kitchen.

With stylish options from Kohler, Ruvati, Elkay, Houzer & Barclay, bar/prep sinks are quickly becoming a "must have" for homebuyers and homeowners alike.

What is a Prep Sink? 

A bar or prep sink is a small, secondary sink station meant to compliment your larger, primary sink. Bar and prep sinks can be used to solve layout and functionality problems by creating an inviting and interactive kitchen experience for you, your family and your guests.

A bar or prep sink can change for the better the way you use your kitchen. Here's why:

1. Convenient Access

While there are obvious benefits to working in a spacious kitchen: generous cabinet space, plentiful countertop surface area, room to entertain, etc.. large kitchens can be inconvenient, frustrating and unsafe. If you find yourself constantly traversing the expanse of your kitchen with a heavy pot of boiling water or constantly going back and forth from sink to stove, it is time to consider installing a second sink station.

Install your bar/prep sink to give you the most convenient access to and from appliances and prep areas. Think about the layout of your kitchen and consider where a secondary sink station would make the biggest impact.

2. Control Kitchen Traffic

Sometimes you just need everyone out of the way. Whether you’re entertaining dinner guests, hosting a holiday gathering or have a large family, even large kitchens can start to feel a lot smaller with everyone crowded around.

Adding a second sink at the perimeter of your kitchen can dramatically cut down on the number of people moving in and out of prep areas, giving you the space you need to cook.

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3. Get More Done with Separate Sinks

Of course, you’re not always working alone. Two people working in a kitchen with only one sink can make it feel like you’re working right on top of each other and can really take the fun out of cooking, put everyone in bad mood and make you less likely to accept help.

Creating a secondary work area with a prep sink will make it easier for two people to cook together. Not only can you get more done with a bar/prep sink, you’ll probably have more fun cooking as a team.

4. Turn Your Kitchen Island into an Oasis

Kitchen islands are one of our favorite places to add a bar sink. An island gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes time to find the most logical place for a second sink.

One surprising benefit of an island sink is that it invites social interaction between hosts and guests. Tired of talking over your shoulder while simultaneously preparing food and entertaining? Place our secondary sink opposite the “main” sink facing outward. You’ll love having the option to socialize regardless of the work that needs to be done.

5. Entertain in Style

A bar/prep sink can make entertaining guests more fun and convenient. Fill it with ice and you’ve got the perfect place to chill and serve beer, wine, seafood, or nearly anything else. No extra mess to clean up. No ugly coolers in the way. No guests in the fridge.

A Kitchen Sink by Any Other Name

Until recently, prep sinks were uncommon in home kitchens. However, they are very common in the bar, restaurant and hospitality industry. Commercial kitchens and bars often use prep sinks for specialized tasks. It follows logically that they go by a myriad of different names. Fortunately they’re usually named for their intended use:

  • Prep "Preparation" Sink
  • Bar Sink
  • Wet Bar
  • Dry Bar
  • Clean Up Sink
  • Vegetable Sink
  • Entertainment Sink
  • Drop Sink

What is a bar sink?

Wet Bar vs Dry Bar

When you’re looking for a bar sink you’ll often encounter the question “wet or dry bar?” Let’s take a closer look at each type so you can choose the best option.

What is a Wet Bar? 

A wet bar is a bar sink with running water. If you are looking to install a bar to entertain guests somewhere other than the kitchen, having access to a sink with running water makes cleanup, mixing and serving drinks a lot more convenient.

What is a Dry Bar? 

Unlike a wet bar, dry bars don’t have running water. If they have a sink basin, it’s likely to be a drop-sink, which is just a sink basin with a drain. Dry bars are great for situations where additional plumbing is simply not an option.

So, Do I Need a Prep Sink? 

Not every kitchen needs a prep sink, but once you have one installed, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

With hundreds of bar/prep sinks to choose from, eFaucets has everything you need to create the stylish and functional kitchen or entertaining space of your dreams.

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