Your Guide to Medicine Cabinets

Heather Asiyanbi - 9/18/18 4:25 PM

Practical bathroom storage solutions are essential for staying organized and a smooth morning routine. In addition to a vanity that can help keep larger items like lotion, hair styling products and appliances neatly in place, a medicine cabinet can go a long way toward keeping medicine, smaller tools like nail clippers and makeup brushes, and other odds and ends tucked safely away but within easy reach for daily use.

Your bathroom is not the room where you need pops of color and accent pieces. Instead, your bathroom is really more of a utility room that is clean, calm, and where everything has its place. 

“The bathroom is most likely the first room you walk into as well as the last room before you head out for the day,” popular TV host and designer Matt Muenster told us. “Why start your day in a busy, cluttered space? Instead, think of how you can organize your bathroom where everything has its space.”

To that end, a medicine cabinet can go a long way to helping you stay organized and stress-free.


Technology: The advance of smart home technology continues in your bathroom, including in your medicine cabinet. Manufacturers like Kohler are integrating lights, music, radio - even TV - and then giving you the ability to control it all with your voice, making your medicine cabinet so much more than just a nice storage option.

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Keeping essentials within reach: Razors, toothpaste, toothbrushes, makeup and medication are items that can get lost in vanity drawers and in baskets in your bathroom closet. By keeping them in your medicine cabinet, everyday necessities are well within reach but behind a closed door. Plus, your vanity sink deck remains clear and clutter-free.

So. Many. Options: Medicine cabinets can be surface-mounted, meaning they protrude into your room by a good three or four inches, or recessed, which places them inside the wall between studs. Additionally, medicine cabinets now come equipped with electrical outlets, which is great for electric shavers, lighted makeup mirrors and styling utensils like curling irons; USB ports for charging any number of devices like your phone and tablet; and a lock box, critical for keeping medication safely out-of-reach.


Placement: It can be costly to add a recessed medicine cabinet to your bathroom if you don't already have one and you aren't planning a remodel that takes your room down to the studs. Still, it can be worth the expense to add storage to a room where space is traditionally at a premium. You may have to consider re-routing plumbing and/or electrical lines to install a recessed unit and/or you may have to bring electrical to the cabinet if you choose an upgraded model with lights and outlets.

Shallow storage: Because medicine cabinets are designed at only four inches deep, shelving is rather shallow, limiting the number and type of items you can place inside. Having said that, no homeowner ever has said they don't need more storage in the bathroom, so err on the side of incorporating a cabinet over not having one.

Overall, medicine cabinets can add value to your home because they offer a much-needed solution for keeping your bathroom clean and organized. Even better, your morning routine will run more smoothly - and your day will begin on a much nicer note - when you can easily access the items you need to put your best face forward every day. 

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